General Terms and Conditions as amended on September 2019

General Terms


Betadrian.lv (hereinafter jointly referred to as "the company") offers sports betting, multiplayer poker, casino and lottery-like games with real money.

Liability/Data Processing

1. Claims for damages raised by bettors against the company and/or their vicarious agents (e.g. for system breakdowns, defects, delay, manipulated or improper data transmission) are excluded, unless they are based on intentional or gross negligence.

2. The company does not assume liability for input, transmission, and/or evaluation errors. In particular, the company reserves the right to rectify obvious errors in particular in the input of bet quotas and/or in the evaluation of bet results (e.g. confusion of quotas or results, teams etc.) even subsequently. The company also assumes no liability for correctness, completeness or up-to-dateness of the information services provided, for example result messages sent via e-mail and SMS among others. The company also assumes no liability for the accuracy of livescores, statistics and intermediate results in LIVE betting.

The company further reserves the right to cancel bets (including wagers on lottery-like draws) even subsequently if any such bet was won by the user as a result of a technical fault or error and the company is in a position to prove the technical fault(s)/error(s) by means of technical records. The burden of proof of technical fault or error is with the company. In any such case, the stake of the bet or game shall be re-credited to the player's account. A stake is exclusively a respective amount confirmed and indicated by the company.

3. The company assumes no liability for damages whatsoever, arising through the abuse of the betting account.

4. The company reserves the right to exclude users from participating in any of the games of Betadrian.lv. at its discretion.

5. The company expressly points out that the placing and negotiation of bets or the participation in sports betting, multiplayer poker, casino and lottery-like games may be subject to legal restrictions and possibly even be prohibited in some countries. Such restrictions or prohibitions may be applicable even if the company has obtained the relevant permits (betting or casino licence) for placing and negotiation of bets. Therefore, the bettor should take note that if the placing of bets or participation in sports betting, multiplayer poker, casino and lottery-like games are not allowed, or only allowed under certain conditions which are not fulfilled here, he alone will bear the responsibility for any disadvantages arising from it. The bettor should, further, take note that beyond the information contained in this paragraph, the company has no duty to inform, warn or educate bettors. In particular, the company is not responsible for disadvantages whatsoever arising for the bettor from the disregard of relevant prohibitions in his home country.

6. When placing a bet or participating in a game, the bettor declares to have attained the minimum age required for participation in that game according to the respective national legal system.

7. The bettor agrees to the storage and automation aided use of his personal data given to the company in the course of betting and playing sports betting, multiplayer poker, casino and lottery-like games.

8. The company reserves the right to rectify obvious errors when preparing account balances. The company will inform the respective users of the corrections immediately.

9. If the company believes that match or price rigging has taken place, it reserves the right to relay the respective party's saved details (information pertaining to the reservations or suspicions of the respective misdemeanour in question) to sporting bodies, authorities or any other third party, which deals with the investigation of such offences.

Choice of law/place of performance/intellectual property


1. The legal relationships between the customers and the company are subject to Gibraltar law, with the exclusion of the reference laws of international private law. The place of performance for all obligations arising from these bets and games, as well as the obligations arising from the respective stakes, is Gibraltar. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with bets placed by customers are - as far as legally permitted - subject to the jurisdiction of the court having local and subject matter jurisdiction over Gibraltar.

2. With his/her registration, the bettor acknowledges the exclusive (intellectual) property of the company of its General Terms and Conditions as well as the system regulated by them.

3. The subject General Terms and Conditions, as well as the system of handling the bets and participation sports betting, multiplayer poker, casino and lottery-like games regulated by them, are protected by copyright in their entirety as well as the individual clauses forming an integrated whole in terms of contents and subject matter. Every, even if only partial, take-over of the underlying idea is prohibited.

4. The company reserves the right to amend the contents of these General Terms and Conditions at any time.

5. The user agrees to frequently inform him or herself of the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions.

Registration/Betting Account

1. Participation in the company's offer requires registration as a user. To register, the customer has to fill in correctly and completely the relevant application form containing the following details:

1. First Name and Surname
2. Place of Residence
3. E-mail Address
4. Date of Birth
5. Gender
6. Choose a User ID
7. Choose a Password

2. Choose a private question and answer (this question is asked before real money is paid out or if, for example, the player has forgotten his password and asks for a new password).

3. The company reserves the right to exclude bettors with false particulars from participating in the games offered and to refuse them the payment of any winnings. On the company's request, the bettor is obliged to produce an official document showing his photo, proving his identity (a passport copy, driver's licence or identity card).

4. After successful registration, a free account will automatically be opened for the bettor over which all stakes and winnings for real money will run.

5. Every user may hold only one account. Bettors already registered are not allowed to register as new customers under another name or with another e-mail address. If a customer violates this rule, the company is entitled to cancel any bets placed as well as to cancel any free credits booked into the respective account. Concerning free betting cards and free betting codes, each bettor may redeem only one free betting card or one free betting code per promotion.

6. In case of suspected manipulations or fraud, and in case of any violation of these Terms and Conditions, in particular the multiple simultaneous participation in games and the opening of several accounts, the company may exclude the respective customer from placing further bets and from participating in other games. In such a case, the company will pay the customer any real money balance in his betting account after deducting a handling charge of 10%, provided that this has been acquired in a lawful manner.

7. Betadrian is a recrecreational online sportsbook, we do not take or support professional players aka "wiseguys" if we find any suspicious betting pattern we would be forced to cease the funds and close the account. 


Participation in betting and gaming with real money requires that the bettor has paid real money into his betting account or received a credit balance on his account from marketing promotions. Credits received from a sports promotion may only be used for sports betting, credits received from a casino promotion may only be used in the casino and credits received from a lottery-like promotion may only be used for lottery-like games, and credits received from a Poker Lounge promotion may only be used for poker games at the Poker Lounge. Betting or gaming stakes can only be effectively placed if the balance on the bettor's account as a minimum covers the stake.


At present, betting or gaming stakes for sports betting, casino, poker and lottery games can be placed or concluded in the following currencies: EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK, gaming stakes for poker can be placed in USD. The company reserves the right to suspend the placing or concluding of betting or gaming stakes respectively in certain currencies and to pay the balance in their favor in the corresponding currencies to the bettor.

So as to assure the highest accuracy all bets and results, as well as the exchange of real money into chips/credits, are calculated using four decimal points and theses values are saved in the data base. This method is utilized for all monetary calculations. Due to technical reasons a user's account balance can only be displayed with two decimal points in his/her account. This may, however, sometimes lead to discrepancies when a value with four decimal points is rounded off to a value with two decimal points. In this case the true value always takes preference over the value with two decimal points. Only whole chips/credits may be purchased; the acquisition of parts or fractions of chips/credits is not feasible. Exchanging chips/credits back into real money is naturally always possible even if the value is not a whole number.


Deposits into the account can be made via bank transfer or online via credit card. Please note the following minimum deposit amounts:

Minimum Deposit: USD 20

The bettor may at any time freely use the balance on his account in his favour - deducting any stakes for current bets and/or games. Winnings are credited to the betting account and can be used to place other bets or play further games. On the bettor's request, winnings from the balance on the betting account may also be remitted immediately, in whole, or in part to an account stated by the bettor.

If deposits made by credit cards are not used for the sole purpose of gaming or wagering, the company - particularly in the case where there is a suspicion of abuse - reserves the right to cancel the respective deposits in part or in full and to retract any costs that may have resulted in conjunction therewith.

The company reserves the right to verify a user's in payment in the fight against credit card fraud, and may also go to such lengths as to request copies of the respective credit cards used.


1. All free bets, gaming vouchers and marketing bonuses issued by the company can only be used for betting or gaming and may not be transferred or paid out.

2. All free bets, gaming vouchers and marketing bonuses issued by the company must be redeemed at the latest two months after their transfer to betting accounts and placed in total on one or more bets, or else the company reserves the right to make the bonus credits retroactive (by cancelling or debiting them from the account).

3. All marketing bonuses shall remain the property of the company until the customer has used it to place a bet or play a game at least once, or as specified in the respective promotion. Should the customer request a payout before this condition has been met, it will not be performed.

If bets are made on all possible outcomes of a sporting contest (i.e. betting on "1" and "2" in a tennis match) at Betadrian.lv, these bets shall not be considered relevant for entitling the person in question to payout the respective winnings or to receive a bonus.

4. Only one free bet, gaming voucher or marketing bonus may be redeemed per person with an interval of 60 days between each execution. It is possible to redeem another free bet, gaming voucher or marketing bonus only when this time limit has been met. The company reserves the right to withhold any winnings that may be a result of a bet placed with a free bet, gaming voucher or marketing bonus that was redeemed prior to the personal 60-day limit.

5. In cash-in bonus promotions (cash-in bonus = credits on money already paid in) the amount paid-in, as well as the subsequently credited bonus, is to be placed or played on one or more bets or games within two months at least once or several times, if permitted by the promotion in question, before a payout can be transacted.

6. Free bets, gaming vouchers and marketing bonuses may be used exclusively for betting on the respective website of the company from which it was issued by. Please note that it is prohibited to transfer free bets, gaming vouchers or marketing bonuses to another product or website operated by the company.


The winning limits for each user and week (Monday 0 hours till Sunday 24 hours Central European Time) are as follows: EUR 100.000,--, GBP 70.000,--, DKK 750.000,--, SEK 920.000,--, NOK 825.000,--. The winning limits for each user and bet are as follows: EUR 10.000,--, GBP 7.000,--, DKK 75.000,--, SEK 92.000,--, NOK 82.500,--. If it turns out that a user has opened several accounts and has placed the same bet on them contrary to the General Terms and Conditions, the winning limit applies to the total of the winnings gained from these bets.


1. Before the first payment of a real money credit balance from a betting account, the customer must send a copy of an official document showing his photo, proving his identity. With this copy of the official document, the company will check the personal data during registration (in particular the name and the date of birth). In case of discrepancies, the bets placed by the customer will be cancelled and winnings will not be paid out to the customer, unless the customer proves his right to the balance on his betting account in another way. If it turns out that a customer has opened several accounts, the company may refuse the payment of balances on these accounts (with the exception of the legitimately acquired balance - less a handling fee of 10% on the account first opened).

2. Members of groups of players must regulate their legal relationships exclusively amongst themselves. The payment of winnings will only be effected in the name of the respective account holder.

In order to access the betting account, the code chosen by the customer in the course of opening the account (user ID and password) is needed as well as the answer to the private question chosen by the customer. The company assumes no responsibility for misuse of a betting account, if unauthorized persons use the user ID, password and private question. User ID, password and private question must be treated strictly confidential. All movements in the betting account resulting from the use of the user ID and the password fall under the responsibility of the betting account holder.


Complaints against account statements and the balances shown in them must be made within 14 days after the account balance becomes available on the company’s website via e-mail to the support team. A failure to make such a complaint is deemed to be an agreement to the mentioned account balance.


At BetAdrian security and fairness is our priority.  We monitor all transactions and player activities for the best gaming experience.

At BetAdrian security and fairness is our priority. We monitor all transactions and player activities for the best gaming experience.