1. How do I request an withdraw?

Bet on the outcome of a single match/event. If you place £ 100 on the match Newcastle - Leeds with odds 2.10 for a home win, you will receive £ 210 in return (£ 100*2.10). This gives you a net win of £ 110.

All customers are required to verify their account details are correct when a withdrawal is requested. All accounts must be verified before withdrawal request is processed. To verify your account, please email scan copy of your ID or passport to [email protected].

2. Why does BetAdrian.lv cancel my withdraw requests?

The most probable cause is that you have not provided us with sufficient information on your mailing address. Due to lacking or erroneous information the transaction may also have been cancelled or denied by your bank. If such an event occurs, we will inform you via e-mail to the e-mail-address registered in your betting account.

3. Why can't I make a deposit using my credit card?

You should not have a problem depositing via credit cards or bank transfer. On rare occasions, technical problems and communication problems may cause problems when making a credit card deposit. This is related to technical issues outside the control of BetAdrian.lv and cannot be corrected by us. The most usual cause, however, is that the credit card company denies the transaction. Try to make a smaller deposit or wait and try again at a later time if you experience problems. If the problem persists, please contact the issuer of the credit card or your bank. BetAdrian.lv does not have access to detailed information on why transactions are being denied, and can thus not provide you with more information. We accept deposits of up to a max. of EUR 1,000 within 24 hours and up to a max. of EUR 5,000 within 30 days (or equivalent to other currencies such as US Dollar). Also note that when depositing money, the amount should be entered in "whole" currency units without commas.

4. How do I update my e-mail address?

Choose "My Profile", enter your new e-mail address in the e-mail-field, confirm the change with your password and click on the "Save" button.

5. How long does it take from when I make a deposit from my bank account or use a credit card until the money is deposited into my BetAdrian.lv account?

If you are using credit card, we will fund your account as soon as we verify your credit card with your bank and passes our fraud screening.

6. How long does it take from when I request a payout until the money is transferred into my bank account?

All withdraws requested are processed via Bank Draft. Time to process withdrawals depends 2-14 business days. All withdrawal requests will be verified for security. If you request withdraw using a bank draft it may take up to 14 business days to receive.

7. Will I have to pay any fees for my BetAdrian.lv account?

There are no fees associated with creating or using your BetAdrian.lv account.

8. Is there a minimum/maximum limit for deposits?

Yes, for security reasons we have implemented some limits - please have a look at the table below:

Payment Method Minimum limit Maximum limit (Per 24 hours)
Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners) 20 1000
Bank Transfer 20 1000

9. How do I play?

Please read our "How to Bet".

10. How do I cancel a bet I mistakenly placed?

It is unfortunately not possible to cancel bets once they are placed and approved by the system. We therefore recommend that you check your bets thoroughly before you make them.