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Betting Football 

Wondering about betting on football online? We have got the answers for you. We have our in-depth football betting guide to help you irrespective of your favorite team, how skilled and experienced you are. 

How to bet on football? 

Undoubtedly, football is the most popular sport out there. To increase the odds of a game or net a big profit, you may find yourself wanting to bet on football. Betting on football can be fun as long as you are careful. 

  • Firstly, you need to choose a bookmaker with a sound reputation
  • Before betting, you need to have some knowledge about the sport
  • Understand odds
  • Understand money lines
  • Know the likelihood of the outcome 


Understanding football odds 

Odds will likely show you how likely or unlikely a certain outcome is to happen in the eyes of bookies when wagering on football. These odds are listed as a number with a positive and minus sign with it. 

  • There will be less possibility of an event happening if the number next to the positive sign is bigger. 
  • There will be more chances of the event happening if the number next to the negative sign is bigger. 

You'll get an idea of how much money you will be making for every $100 you wager to make your bet win, but only if the odds are with a positive sign. 

  • For instance, if Barcelona is +150 to beat Juventus in the champions league, you'll be entitled to get $150 on a $100 bet, including your original stake back. This makes your overall return $250. 

You need to calculate the money you need to wager to profit $100 when a negative sign accompanies the odds. 

  • For instance, you'll have to wager $160 to make a $100 profit if Manchester United is -160 to beat Chelsea. This makes the overall return $260. 

Be it any case; you'll be entitled to get the initial amount back as well as your winning amount. 


Online football betting FAQ

Now, you must be finding yourself in a better position to place football wagers online. With the help of football betting rules, expert picks, and common tips for football bets, you'll be able to win the majority of bets and make informed decisions. 

What football bets should I place? 

Among the most basic bets, you have Moneyline bets and total goals as the most popular ones. It's better to explore your options as the popularity of football prop bets is skyrocketing. But there is no such answer that fits all. But one should always strive for high-value bets. Before investing your money, you should keep this thing in mind if you want to win. 

Which is better- singles or accumulators? 

Nothing can be said precisely over here. Both are of equal weightage. Still, some real money football betting enthusiasts prefer one over the other, and this is completely fine. It depends on the personal discretion of the bettor. 




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