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Basketball betting online 

Without any doubt, basketball is the most beloved sport across the globe. While betting, you'll come across millions of fans on every continent and plenty of exciting competitions. 

How To Bet On Basketball? 

In many ways, basketball betting is similar to football betting. You simply need to tell the ticket writer the number of the team you wish to bet along with the bet amount. On straight bets, the odds will be 11 to win 10, and the team you select must cover the point spread. 

Before explaining the best NBA bets, you should familiarize yourself with how the NBA odds will be laid out in the sportsbook. 

How To Read Basketball Odds? 

There will always be a plus sign associated with the odds to designate the underdog. Contrary to it, a minus sign will represent a favorite. For example: 


Bonuses & Promotions 

Bettors also have a large variety of bonuses and promotions at their disposal, which can be advantageous. As soon as you make a new account, you tend to get a sizable welcome offer. Not only this, there are plenty of deals to reward you further. 

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