Fairness & RNG Testing Methods

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the heart of game functionality and player confidence to game outcomes and fairness. 

Software RNG testing occurs in 3 main stages which are examination and compilation of source code to evaluate RNG algorithms and their implementation, subjecting the numbers generated to the ‘diehard’ and other statistical tests and finally generating sample scaled output and applying ‘Chi-square’ and other tests.

Hardware RNG is tested based on specific requirements to ensure that no weaknesses exist, this all takes place within the first stage of testing. The second and third stages revolve around the determining statistical randomness, as well as the unpredictability and non-repeatability of the RNG in conjunction with all compliance standards set by the various jurisdictions we operate in. 

All random number generator certificates for the games presented on the web-site are on the part of the Gaming Providers whose games are connected to the gaming platform of Invite Systems B.V. 

You acknowledge that the outcome of the games on the Website is defined by random number generator that randomly generates events, and you accept the outcomes of all games. If there are any discrepancies between the gaming results on your computer and the results on our server, the results on our server shall be final and binding. If there are discrepancies between the information on your computer and the balance on our server, the balance available on the company's server is considered as the balance on your account, and this decision shall be final and binding.