Account, Pay-outs and Bonuses

  1. Your account on
    1. Registration and opening of an account on
      1. In order to take part in the game of on real money, you must register and make a deposit into your playing account ("Account").
      2. shall be entitled to appoint providers of payment systems, which will act, receive funds and carry out the payment on behalf of
      3. You can have only one user account and the playing account on If you try to create more than one user account on, we reserve the right to block or terminate any of your playing and user accounts or all of your playing and user accounts. has the right to remain one playing account and user account open at its own discretion. You are allowed to withdraw all game funds from the blocked account.
      4. If you notice that you have more than one account on under different names, you must immediately notify at [email protected].
      5. The request to open an account on is made by completing the registration form and sending it to online. reserves the right to refuse to open an account.
      6. You must enter all mandatory information in a registration form, namely, to confirm your identity, specify the address and contact information, including a valid email address, place of residence, the relevant payment information; all of this information must be correct and valid. You are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information provided by you, and thus confirm and assure that the information provided by you is true, complete and correct. You are hereby informed that conducts the verification procedure of players placing deposits, both independently and with the involvement of third parties, and if you provide false or misleading information, your account may be blocked or closed on
      7. As part of the registration process, you must choose a username and password with which you will access the website. Your sole responsibility is to ensure the security of the data for the login. You do not have to report to someone your data to log in the system. shall not be liable for whatsoever incorrect use or misuse of your account on by third parties as a result of disclosure by you of your data for the login intentionally or accidentally, actively or passively to any third party.
      8. Your username and password for the account are for your personal use and should always be kept secret. Your account is intended solely for your personal use, so provided that you have given us through it all the requested information, and it is true, we are entitled to assume that all payments and playing operations are carried out by you. We are not responsible for the access to your account by any third party, and the Operator under no circumstances shall be liable for any damage suffered by you as a result of unauthorized use of your password by another person, as well as unauthorized access to your account. All the transactions, under which your correct username and password were entered, regardless of whether it was done with your consent or not, will be considered as valid. You should change your password regularly and must not disclose it to third parties. You can, at any time, change your password in "My Account" on this Website. We never ask users about their password. It is not necessary to write any personal data in a password, such as names, birth dates, phone numbers, and other familiar words. This will help to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Your sole responsibility is to ensure the confidentiality of your username and password, and you are responsible for all cases of unauthorized and illegal use of your data. We strongly recommend disabling beforehand the storing passwords function in the browser, to ensure stable operation of a robust program to protect against viruses and spyware, and firewall on your computer. If you do not use your computer, you must be sure to log out and shut it down. You should also refrain from using your account at Internet cafes, libraries and other public places that have Internet access. In case of the loss or unauthorized use of your password, you must inform us about it. You should also contact us immediately if you believe that a minor has got access to your account.
      9. Loss of password followed by failure to participate in any games whatsoever shall not be a cause to claim any compensation. Neither shall loss of a password be a cause to cancel bets on sports or a withdrawal request.
    2. Allocation of funds to your playing account
      1. You can participate in any game, but if you do not have enough funds on the playing account of, shall not provide any credits to participate in the games.
      2. All information required for placing funds to your playing account of your account on is presented on the pages of "CASH" and "Deposit" of this Website. You can use any convenient way for you to deposit money into the account listed on these pages. A list of possible methods of deposit can be changed periodically. Please note that some ways of placing funds into the account may not be available in some countries.
      3. Depending on the method of placement of funds into the account, the amount of the deposit may be subject to a charge. The current amounts of such charges on deposits are specified for each deposit method in the "Cash" and "Deposit". Regardless of these charges, your bank may also charge a fee for the transfer of funds and other payment methods.
      4. You guarantee that the funds that you deposit into your account do not have criminal and/or illegal and/or unauthorized origin;
      5. You agree not to reject from the prior transactions or deny or reverse any payment made by you, which can cause refund by a third party in order to avoid any legal responsibility.
      6. The company does not accept funds from third parties, that is, friends, relatives, partners and/or spouses. You need to deposit cash into your account only from the account/system and/or payment cards, which are registered in your name. If during the security check, we find a violation of this provision; all winnings can be confiscated and returned.
      7. We accept payments in EUR & GBP. Please note that you bear the costs related to the currency fluctuations.
      8. When using bank transfers, credit or debit cards to deposit the account, the funds will be credited only after receives a confirmation and authorization code. If does not receive such authorization, these funds will not be credited to your account.
      9. In accordance with the recommendations of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, customer card details are protected using Transport Layer encryption — TLS 1.2 and application layer with algorithm AES and key length 256 bit.
    3. Players account verificaion
      1. reserves the right to initiate primary or additional account's identity verification at any time and at its own discretion, as well as use additional procedures and means of verification in case the need arises. To verify the user's identity, has the right to request an identification document (including, but not limited to, a copy of your passport/ID card/or any used payment card, current utility bill issued in your name) and/or hold a video conference (e.g. Skype video call) and/or request a video recording of your game session with constant video recording. If you do not provide or cannot provide us with such information, then we have the right to suspend your account and/or permanently terminate your account until you provide us with the required information, and/or permanently close your account if it is not submitted. You will be informed about the need for a videoconference with representative via online chat on the website when you contact us, or you will receive a corresponding message to your e-mail specified during registration. A video conference with representative can be of the following types:
        • for a person's identity. This procedure is needed for additional user identification in case of email change, two-factor authentication being disabled, etc.
        • with questions from a representative. This procedure is needed for additional identification of the user in case you violate the rules of the project or in case of suspicious activity. Video conferencing takes 21 days since the account is blocked. If you do not complete this procedure within the specified time, the account will be blocked without the possibility of recovery.
      2. In case the account is checked due to suspicions of fraudulent actions (including when the one who plays is not the account holder, if the software was used, etc.) may request a video recording of the game session of the account holder. You will be informed about the need to provide a recording of your game session with constant video recording via online chat on the website when you contact us or you will receive a corresponding letter to an e-mail that was specified during sign up. A game session can be of the following types:
        • with a representative of Invite Systems B.V. This procedure can be carried out from one to three hours.
        • without a representative of Invite Systems B.V., with a request to provide a recording of a gaming session and constant video recording. The recording duration is determined individually.
        • 21 days are given from the moment the account is blocked in order to provide a game session recording. If you do not provide the video within the specified period, the account will be blocked without the possibility of recovery.
      3. Verification procedures can only be performed with the owner of the account. During the verification it is necessary to have the original of your valid passport, a camera (PC or smartphone), a microphone and a room where you will be alone with an interruption-free Internet connection. In order to hold a video conference with the game session, it is also necessary to have a device that displays a screen that will show all gaming activity during the above mentioned procedure (laptop, PC).
      4. Consideration of the verification results for the personal identification takes up to 24 hours, with questions - up to 30 calendar days, with a game session - up to 90 calendar days. You will receive a corresponding letter on the results of verification to the specified e-mail address. If the result of verification reveals any violations, we reserve the right to take appropriate action in accordance with the violated paragraphs of this agreement up to the complete blocking of your account. Complaints against decisions made by can be directed to the Curacao eGamings of Curaçao. E-mail: [email protected].
      5. In case of suspicious or fraudulent cash replenishments, including the use of stolen credit cards and/or any other activity of fraudulent nature (including any refunds or cancellation of payments), reserves the right to block your account, cancel any payment made and recover any winnings. We have the right to inform the relevant authorities and/or organizations (including the credit information agencies) of any fraud payments or other illegal activities. We reserve the right to hire collection agencies to return payments. Under no circumstances, shall be liable for any unauthorized use of credit cards, irrespective of whether it was stated or not about the theft of credit cards.
      6. does not grant any credits for the use of our services.
      7. You acknowledge and agree that your account is not a bank account and, therefore, the insurance, guarantees, replenishment or any other instruments of protection from the deposit insurance or banking insurance, as well as any similar insurance systems will not be available. The interests on the funds available in your account are not charged.
  2. Withdrawal of funds from your account
    1. You can withdraw any amount less or equal to the amount of available balance of your account on, sending to a valid notice of withdrawal of funds from your playing account on the site.
      1. The notification of funds withdrawal should be sent through the Website. does not accept requests for funds withdrawal made by phone or email. employees are prohibited from violating this rule.
      2. In order to ensure your safety within twenty-four hours, you can withdraw not more than EUR 5,000, not more than EUR 10,000 within 1 week, not more than EUR 20,000 within 1 month.
      3. offers a wide range of ways to withdraw money. Depending on the selected method, the withdrawal of funds may be accompanied by levying a fee. In addition, your bank may charge an additional fee for the services. The amount of the commission may be changed periodically.
      4. returns you the funds in the same way that was previously selected for its placement.
      5. Upon any initiative from our part, we need to carry out the identification procedure, which is done by sending us a copy or a digital photo of your ID document (page with photo), such as a passport or ID card, utility bills (mobile phone bills cannot be accepted) to If you replenished your account using the credit card, you must also send a copy of the front and back of this card. The first six and last four digits of the credit card number shall be visible (if you have an embossed card number, pay attention that the numbers on the back of the card are closed the same way as on the front side), CVV2 code must be painted over).
      6. In most cases has a policy of the non-use of fees in respect of ways of placing funds in support of regular customers. However, it is not allowed to players to place and withdraw funds from the system if they use it as an intermediate object for the transfer of money. The cases of such players will be considered on an individual basis, and they are required to pay a commission underpaid. This behaviour can be regarded as a landmark, and it may be reported to the management of AML. This policy may be changed in the future.
      7. A single service fee of 3% is withheld when withdrawing funds to any payment system (irrespective of the number of withdrawal requests, previously made by the client).
      8. Limits of payments on winnings at video slots (casino).
      9. Limits on sports bets payout amounts: If you win ₹10 00 000 or more, the Company has the right to divide the payment into the following weekly payments: during the first week, not more than ₹10 00 000, up to the moment of payment of all amounts. The company does not pay interest on the debt.
      10. You acknowledge that you agree with our schedule of the withdrawal of funds. The requests for the withdrawal of funds are processed on a 24/7 basis. The Company shall not be liable for any delay in the processing of payments that arise after the request for the withdrawal of funds has been processed by our managers.
      11. Every separate withdrawal request, unless burdened by the primary or additional identity, funds origin or history of winnings verification can be processed up to 7 working days, however, the Company will do its best to process requests as fast as possible.
      12. The company has the right to set their own limits on the minimum and maximum amount of funds deposit and withdrawal per transaction and to change them at any time at its sole discretion and without prior notice, but with an announcement on the limit details on the official website during 14 working days from the date the new conditions come into force.
      13. There exist some restrictions on withdrawals if there are active and inactive bonuses on the game account (see item 5.3.3. of the Terms and Conditions).
    2. Closure of an account on
      1. You can close your account at any time and will return you all funds from your account on net of related charges for the withdrawal of funds.
      2. The method of refund is determined at our sole discretion.
      3. reserves the right to close your account on and return you the available balance from your playing account, net of the related fees for the withdrawal of funds at our sole discretion and without any obligation of giving a reason or prior notice, if these obligations violate trade secrets or could cause any damage to
      4. reserves the right to withhold and remove any bonuses awarded to you if they will not be used within 6 months from the date of the award.
      5. "Sleeping" and inactive accounts.
        1. An inactive account is an account, which has not been accessed for 12 months that assumes non-impact on a real cash balance. Invite Systems B.V. will make every reasonable effort to contact the owners of inactive accounts. If we cannot contact the owner of account within a month from obtaining the “inactive” status and no attempt will be made to activate the account (just log in the website and take any action that will affect the real balance), then such account will have the “invalid” status.
        2. Invalid account is an inactive account, the owner of which did not perform any action that would affect the real cash balance within 30 days after “inactive” status assignment. Please note that after the “invalid” status attribution, your account will be completely closed regardless of the presence or absence of cash and/or bonus funds on it. The similar procedure shall be applied to the blocked accounts.
  3. Bonuses
    1. Each bonus is subject to the relevant conditions, which can be viewed by clicking directly on the section "Promo" and "News" on the site and via related links.
    2. Bonuses received via product can be redeemed only by using this product and in compliance with the terms in effect.
    3. Bonuses received via sports wagers product can be redeemed only by wagers on sports events on and in compliance with corresponding conditions for each bonus.
    4. Bonuses received via casino product can be redeemed only using casino on and in compliance with corresponding conditions for each bonus.
    5. By activating the Сasino bonus, you agree that the funds you have deposited will be used to fully wager this bonus or until it is canceled.
    6. In case of any suspected abuse of the bonus offer, reserves the right to suspend, terminate or cancel any payments or winnings, related to bonus money.
    7. A bonus shall be considered as a "free bet", and shall not be considered as a money equivalent. No money equivalent, exchange or transfer for any type of bonus is allowed, other than specified in the effective terms.
    8. The personal funds you deposit are added to your "cash balance". Primarily the funds from the “cash balance” are used to wager the bonus. The funds on the bonus balance are not subject to withdrawal until the bonus is fully wagered.
    9. An attempt to transfer funds to another Invite Systems B.V. game section will be interpreted as fraud and abuse of the bonus offer. If this violation is detected, Rapture B.V. reserves the right to take appropriate measures right up to the complete blocking of your account or confiscation of funds won in an unfair way.
    10. To cash out your bonus account you have to wager the imposed Wager. A Wager is a multiplier that determines the required number of bets that have to be placed and it will be set separately for each bonus. A wager can be imposed on winnings from free spins, on a deposit, on winnings + deposit, thus determining the sum of bets to be placed. Each bonus can include individual wagering rules. All received winnings are added to the bonus balance. As soon as the entire amount has been wagered, the bonus account is credited to your "cash balance".
    11. The player can independently reset the bonus balance. In this case, all funds will be permanently nulled. In case of fraudulent activities on the part of the player, reserves the right to reset the bonus balance of this player and refuse bonus obtainment in the future.
    12. Not all casino allow to use the bonus balance. The bonus balance is not available in the Live games, Table games, Mini-games, Virtual Sports, as well as in some video slots.
    13. Each bonus has a validity period. The imposed wager can be activated, used and played before it expires. The bonus balance will be reset upon the expiration.
    14. Bets placed using the bonus money are not permitted to participate in any promotions or casino tournaments.
    15. It is forbidden to abuse the postponement of any game rounds, including free spins, any accumulative bonuses, or bonus games during the game with bonus money. Any delayed games, bonuses (including any accumulative advantages) and free games lead to account blocking with denial of services and confiscation of funds.
    16. Active and inactive bonuses
    17. If your game account has active bonuses for any of the products that require wagering, the withdrawal of funds will be unavailable until these bonuses are wagered or cancelled.
    18. If your game account has inactive bonuses for any of the products, all of them will be cancelled after any funds withdrawal from account without any exceptions.
    19. Invite Systems B.V. reserves the right to limit the issuance of bonus offers without explanation and prior notice.