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Golf Sports Betting 

Usually, golf betting is present in all major tournaments. Moreover, it allows the bettors to make a profit from their predictions. It is the most famous sports betting in European and US tours. But amateur competitions also have golf sports betting. 

How To Bet On Golf 

1.  How the golf odds work should be your priority while learning golf sports betting. 

2.  For instance, assume that Tiger Woods is at +800 to win the tournament, then it means you need to wager on Tiger to win 8 times of your investment. You will get $80 if you bet $10 at +800. 

3.  Usually, the favorite for a golf tournament lies between +600 and +1300. On the other hand, the biggest longshot can be as long as +50000. 

4.  The odds will be much more in the line with other sports as you pick one player to post the better score in the round and over the course of the tournament in matchup betting. 

5.  For instance, you need to bet $11 to win $10 if you are betting $10 on Dustin Johnson to beat Justin Thomas in a tournament. -110 is known as the juice amount and is deemed as a tax that sportsbooks create for placing a bet. 

Golf Events 

The most popular time to bet on golf is the PGA's four major tournaments. Let us quickly go through it. 

  • The masters

You can get to witness this event at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. All the bettors can take advantage of historical data to inform their bets. If there are limited entries, then the payout can be more. 

  • US open 

The US Open is conducted at a different course each year, which is done to challenge the golfers. Out of all the majors, this is considered the most difficult. Moreover, it asks the golfers to capitalize on drives and adhere to the fairways. 

  • The open championship 

Based on the location, this tournament changes drastically and is also known as the British Open. But the players must negotiate coastal winds and other environmental factors. 

  • USPGA championship 

The USPGA has major incentives as the last major event and the only one to exclude non-professional players. During the USPGA appearances, younger professionals are looking to get their names on the map. 

Live Betting On Golf. 

The bettors can now bet on live-action whether they watch golf online from home or in person with advances in mobile betting options. You can also wager on events such as which player will win the round and the strokes player will hit before tee off. If you want to take advantage of live bets during the game, many bettors tally the leaderboard to identify dark horses and follow a player the next day. Odds won't be as competitive heading into the last round of a major. But you can bet based on updated information as live betting allows you to do so. 



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