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Much of the sports betting explained is about betting on the money lines and point spreads, especially when it is NFL betting. There is no doubt over the popularity of both these bets, but the online sports betting sites also provide Over Under betting

There is nothing wrong with having a multitude of options with you when betting on sports. A total bet is an interesting and easy wager in itself as it involves less math, making it easy for you to do the calculation in your mind only. It does not matter if you are betting on the super bowl, NFL, college football, NBA, and college basketball; you can always look forward to placing such a bet. 

What is The Over-Under in Betting? 

Some people also know over under-betting as a total wager. The total here refers to the combined score of both teams. Based on their envision of a game, a bookmaker fixed a number, which indicates the totals bet. If you are looking forward to placing this bet, you have to predict whether the total number of points will be over or under. 

Betting on the over signifies that you think both the teams will score more goals, points, and runs than the listed total. Contrary to it, if you bet on the under, the points scored are less, and it's as simple as that. 

You will get a fair idea about the totals to bet by looking at the examples mentioned below. 

over under sports betting

As you can see clearly from the data mentioned above, the Tampa Bay Rays are hosting the Texas Rangers. Along with this, we have also depicted the spread, total, and Moneyline. You need to lay your complete focus on the total column over here. We have two likely possibilities: either bet more than eight combined runs or bet under it. There will be no change in the odds of both the bets as they will remain the same. The odds are fixed at -110. 

But keep this thing in mind that it is a standard total as eight runs are not high or low for a total bet. Bettors are likely to bet on the over if they find out that one of the starting pitchers is solely due to blow-up. You should bet on the under if one of the pitchers matches with the opposing line. 

Let's assume the final score in favor of the Rays is 6-3. It means a total of 9 runs in a game, and it means it is the over bet. But have you ever wondered if it came out to be 5-3, and the total runs would be 8? Well, this is something worth giving a thought to. In betting, we term it as push, and the bet gets canceled. Consequently, you get your money back, and it seems like nothing ever happened. 

In addition to the example mentioned above, also look at the following example. 

over under sports betting

It is an example taken from an NBA game. As you can see, the total is not a whole number. You must be pondering now- how they even managed to score half a point? It looks nearly impossible. The point is that you simply can't push the bet if the total is a half-point like you do in baseball. In this situation, you'll either win or lose. 

Sportsbooks are never in favor of pushes because they are less likely to make money out of it. In return for all original bets, they do not get anything. They can make money as long as people win and lose in betting. 

If you place an under bet, then you have the possibility of winning, but only if the final score comes out to be 109-103 for a total of 212. Contrary to it, the over bet will win if the Celtics run out of the clock for a 109-104 win. 

Another thing worth noting is that the odds are not the same for both sides of a bet. The over and under are -110 in both the previous examples. Let us look at one example of a hockey game. Here, you'll witness that an under bet has higher-paying odds than the over. Bettors term this thing as juice. 

over under sports betting

The under bet signifies a winning bet which will double the amount placed on the bet. But the over is -120, which means that you have to place $120 to win $100. It simply means that over is grabbing more bets, and many bettors feel it to be a likely outcome. This is the thing most prevalent in low-scoring sports. For instance, in a sport like a basketball, there won't be much change in bet if you move the line slightly. But in hockey, moving a line by even an inch will make a big difference. 

Soccer is such a sport in which 3-2 is a high-scoring game. Consequently, for soccer, 2.5 goals is a popular total. There is rarely a situation when odds and over are equal. 

The Popular Bet For All Major Sports 

Some betting options go with only certain sports, but this is not the thing with over under-betting. In reality, it is the most common and popular bet type among bettors, as many sports tend to offer these bets. Even the most obscure betting markets tend to offer a total bet. 

Even the sports such as golf or tennis also tend to have an over under-betting, but there is a slight variation between the two as scoring systems vary. But before you go forward to place that bet, make sure you are familiar with working in each sport. 

This bet privileges you with two betting options, but you should at least know what you are betting exactly. 

Should You Place The Over or Under Bet? 

Many bettors come to us with this question- is it profitable to bet on the over or under? Believe us; no one would be worrying if the choice was that much easier. 

But if you go by the popular trend and opinion, then from the last five years, under has proved to be a better bet in every sport. But you should not place the bet blindly because the sportsbooks assert that. 

Have a glance at the records of each sport as we have listed these as over-under pushes. 

over under sports betting

Instead of rooting for offensive ineptitude, humans root for points and offensive success. 

If you place a bet on over, it does not mean that your bet is dead, as there is always a chance for the game to go overtime. It is because you never know what happens and when. 

Due to this, many bettors out there tend to undervalue the under bet, as you can notice from the above data. 

Totals in Prop Bets 

Sometimes, prop bets also witness total bets. For instance, if Steph Curry scores more than 24.5 points in a game, Aaron Rodgers will throw fewer than 2.5 touchdowns. There is also a possibility that the winners of the masters will tend to shoot more than 278.5 strokes for the weekend. There are some other creative bets also. For instance, when bettors bet at the super bowl at the time of the national anthem. You will be notified of the time for the national anthem. You will win the under bet if the singer finishes it in one minute and 59 seconds. But some prop bets do not have a clear winner or loser. Due to this only, they are not allowed by the rules and regulations of some states. 

Factors in Totals 

There are a lot of things that determine the total. Tempo is a huge factor in basketball. The bad defensive teams or up-tempo teams will have higher totals. The total might be a bit lower if a left-handed pitcher is facing a team with left-handed players. For outdoor sports, the weather is also a big factor. The total will come out to be high if the wind is blowing at Wrigley Field. On the other hand, the total will be lower if Lambeau Field is a snowy, slippery mess. As these are all factored into a line, ensure you know these things before placing a bet. 

Final Say

For both recreational as well as professional sports bettors, over under-betting is great. You can root for or against both teams, and you as a bettor should know the knack of employing them in your sports betting strategy and have a solid understanding of over/under bets. 

There is no point in placing these bets simply because they exist. It depends on you if you want to make these a part of your overall betting strategy or not. You need to find the one at which you are best and stick to it. Over-under bets will turn out to be your profitable option if you abide by the game flow we are talking about. 


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