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There are two categories of sports bettors. Sharp bettors are the ones who bet to earn a living and have a fear of the bookmakers. Due to various reasons, some bettors are also labeled as squares as favored by the sportsbooks. Professional bettors tend to cash in 55% of their wagers, whereas for recreational players, this percentage remains 48% of their total bets. 

How are Sharp Bettors Defined? 

Are you keen to learn the bettor definition? Sharp bettors are also sometimes deemed as wise guys. Usually, they are methodological players who live and breathe sports betting algorithms. These bettors usually bet in large amounts but do so through small bets at different sportsbooks. Sharp bettors also have a crew of money runners who help them place their wagers to escape the attention of bookmakers and fly under the radar. Besides this, sharp bettors are practical enough to use sophisticated algorithms to predict betting odds on diverse contests before betting sites post their prices. 

On the contrary, pros tend to bet on opening odds, due to which bookmakers may adjust their lines after wagering for the first time. There are chances that the linemakers may move the odds to -4 to get enough action on the underdog side, but only if the -3.5 NFL point spread favorite is heavily bet upon. They also bet big on one side to move a line just because they can place an even larger bet on the other side. The pro bettors have multiple accounts at several sportsbooks to gain maximum odds value. 

How are Square Bettors Defined? 

The square bettors are sometimes also referred to as public. These are casual players who place impulse bets without following a proper research patch. Usually, the teams they have known for quite a long time and follow regularly, casual bettors place bets on such teams. For instance, Super Bowl 54. Northern Nevada sportsbooks took tons of San Francisco money from 49ers fans belonging to Northern California in this event. 

The squares overlook all the key factors, such as current form, injuries, and scoring statistics, while placing on-spot bets. Some of the common tendencies of recreational bettors include taking points with underdogs and betting over on game totals. You cannot define squares fully by the size of their wagers as most public players are not big spenders. Plenty of people are regarded as square players, and they also wager huge sums of money on big events such as the super bowl. 

How Do I Win a Bet Every Time?

  1. For this, you need to realize that the favorite is not always supposed to win. 

  2. One should not stick to one bookmaker and shop around in the market. 

  3. It will be better for you if you keep your selections to a minimum. 

  4. One should not get lured by the temptation of odds on prices. 

  5. Do not only focus on the major markets and consider the minor ones also. 

  6. Grasp the complete know-how of the betting markets. 

  7. Bet with a clear and open mind, not with your heart

  8. Be choosy concerning your movement

Can Recreational Players Follow Pro Bettors? 

Due to the undetectable nature of the plays, following sharp bettors is not an easy task. But the recreational bettors find it easy to follow sharp sports betting as the line moves at sportsbooks accepting pro players. Recreational players need to follow a solid research path and practice proper bankroll management to rise above the average square crowd. Both things are imperative to attain long-term success in betting. 

Final Say 

You are in good company if you feel like you’ll never reach sharp status. But the reality is that most people who bet on sports will remain a square throughout their gambling squares career. 

Lastly, there is no point in thinking that it is not possible to make money without a complex betting system or devoting hours to research every aspect of an upcoming game.  


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