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It is a known thing that betting on the NFL is not easy, but you always choose to make smarter bets for those motivated to perform better. 

Consequently, when wagering at online football betting sites, try these nine thoughtful tips and watch your bankroll spur up. 

Best NFL Betting Strategy and Tips 

Wondering how to bet on football and always win? We have some amazing magic tips for you. As such, there is no single way to bet on football, but still, we can help you in terms of the best football betting strategy by giving you simple NFL betting tips to win the bet. 

Read on further if you intend to know about the ways to make money on football. We have disclosed some suggestions to make it easy for you to decide your best football betting strategy. Moreover, you'll get an insight into- how to win money betting in football

1. Bet with your head, not heart

Even after sounding obvious, Avoiding emotions when betting remains a challenge for many bettors out there. People have their personal biases, and keeping aside these preferences is not easy, whether it is a favorite team or the one bettors despise. 

Here's the alternative for the same. You need to become more objective towards your NFL betting strategy as this is the easiest way to place smarter bets. For this, you don't need a detailed mathematical strategy but only common sense. 

2. Focus on the location 

Must you have heard of home-field advantage? It matters a lot at certain stadiums. For instance, from 2014-2018, the New England Patriots went 42-6 straight up at home. Since 2003, the Seahawks have also performed better as they are at 103-41. 

But this advantage is not given to only these two teams. By comparing each team's home vs. away record, you need to research when handicapping for the home-field advantage. 

In addition to this, some teams don't travel well. In a five-season span from 2014-2018, the San Francisco 49ers have performed worst in the league by securing 9-31 on the road. They are also fourth-worst in the NFL against the spread as they only secured 16-22-2. Posting a 2-6 record ATS, the Texans also struggled to cover the spread on the road. 

Another important factor to consider is to know where and when the teams played in their previous week. Some teams also suffer from some disadvantages. We mean that West Coast teams traveling to the eastern time zones have less difficulty covering the time, but East Coast teams are at a disadvantage when forced to play on the Pacific coast. 

In addition to this, certain indoor teams can also struggle to play outdoors. For instance, when playing outdoors, Drew Brees' passer rating drops from 102.5-90.3. All this sort of information is useful to NFL bettors. 

3. Learn individual matchups 

Usually, football is referred to as a team sport, but some matchups are such, which can affect the game's outcome to a great extent. 

For instance, you should not expect a weak offensive tackle to perform well against the edge rushers in the league. Instead of this, you should emphasize major skill discrepancies between players who are going head to head. 

The coaches should consider the NFL matchups as they are the most significant head-to-head matchups. The coach makes use of systematic strategies that go well against certain opponents and flop against others. Moreover, they also get to know other approaches, and some perform exceptionally better. 

You can learn this by looking at the example of Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick. Since Belichick has been steering the ship, the Patriots have been dominant. But when coaching against Coughlin in 2018, he was 2-5 only. 

4. Know beyond trends 

Following the trends is not a bad idea for betting on the NFL games, and it is because a mere glance at these patterns is enough to provide valuable information. For instance, the Bears went 12-5 ATS when coming off a bye week from 2010-2018. On the other hand, the 49ers were just 5-11 ATS in the same time frame. 

Just because you notice that a team has scored 49 points the previous week does not mean that their offense is not going well. For this, you need to go back and watch how all the points were secured. It might be the possibility that the defense fell back so that a long touchdown can pass. According to some popular opinion, they were only playing the browns. 

When determining their football betting strategies, the sharpest bettors always prefer to look at the context behind the numbers. 

5. Be watchful of injury reports.

We already discussed above that football is a team sport, and small changes hold the potential to throw off the entire unit. For this, you need to make sure about the players who have missed their practice during the week, their status for the upcoming game, and their role in a team. 

It's always a sound idea to go through the Twitter accounts of beat writers for each team because their injury reports can be vague sometimes. If you think you'll get it all very quickly, then you are wrong here. They'll not be telling you directly about the best football bets but, for sure, provide you the details which will help you to evaluate NFL lines. 

6. Be careful with divisional matchups.

The teams usually know each other well who have played with each other twice in a season. Contrary to it, as far as bad teams are concerned, they tend to dig even deeper when battling a division rival. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and San Francisco 49ers were three of the four bottom teams in the NFL in 2016. Despite this, they all had a record of 4-2 ATS within their respective divisions. 

There are situations when one team may sound superior to another on paper, but divisional matchups are always closer than predicted. All these things pave the way for you to make great choices for betting on the NFL point spread, but it can be risky choices on the Moneyline. 

7. Don't chase value 

Some bettors fall in love with the value, but this should not be the case. You can expect the bet to pay off when you place a Moneyline wager on the underdog, but above all, you need to look into why long odds are required in the first place. If you intend to take a +800 underdog on the Moneyline, you need to ensure the specific reasons and logic. It is to make sure that the oddsmakers use reason and logic to fix that Moneyline. 

When constructing parlays and teasers, you must be careful and never load them with too many events. Compared to other sports, NFL teams are matched closely, and it's difficult to predict the outcome of so many games. Consequently, we advise limiting parlays and teasers to only 2-5 events. 

8. Monitor the lines 

A big part of maximizing your chances is monitoring the lines throughout the week. Some sportsbooks may provide favorable NFL odds. Side by side, you'll witness that the odds keep on changing from time to time as the week progresses. 

One thing to bear in mind over here is the influence of public perception. The loyal supporters who bet from the heart will always be with the popular teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots. All these are referred to as public teams, and there are high chances that they'll be heavily favored. 

So if you also want to wager against the public, then wait around and let emotional bettors drive the line moment in your favor. Jumping on an early line is by far the best decision if you are planning to bet on the public team. 

9. Diversify your NFL bets 

Almost all bettors have success in betting on the Moneyline, the spread, and game totals. But if you want to make this success double and triple, you need to know all the alternatives you can make. 

Numerous sportsbooks allow you to bet on alternate spreads and purchase and sell the points accordingly. Instead of selling your points which makes you uncomfortable, you should choose a -2.5 spread with a modest payout. 

You can also look for the value in alternate betting markets such as player props and live to bet. If you are doing it for entertainment purposes, look for the NFL futures bets as they are fantastic, but they are difficult to handicap. 

Final words 

All the above-mentioned points will form the best football betting strategy for the upcoming wagering season. Lastly, what you need to learn from the NFL betting guide is that attaining success in sports betting is all about giving your proper time and efforts to browse the picks and manage your bankroll properly. 



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